When I revisit my life to the time that I used to be a toddler and a child, I remember I was restricted from generally all junk food. Salt and oil were reduced in my normal diet. I used to remember how my friends would eat all the delicious delicacies around them but I would not be able to enjoy the ice cream coloured in green, blue, yellow and all the sorts of possible colours. My mouth would water even more to see the forbidden fruits. I immediately would catch a cold if I drank or ate too much cold beverages or edibles. All this happened because of a condition in my kidney called Nephrotic Syndrome.

Nephrotic syndrome is usually caused by damage to the clusters of small blood vessels in your kidneys. I had to take Digene to rest my stomach and after a glass of milk the Steroid called  Wysolone or as I would call it the Cyclone of my toddler years. If I ever did forget to take my Digene I would get sick by the stomach which was the due side effect of the steroid.

My mother first noticed this condition of mine when my eyes suddenly showed signs of irritation and would gradually swell up. I went to my mother scared to death thinking that I was going blind but she being the wiser understood that it was my body that was acting up and not my optical nerves. My mother took me for an immediate check up to Dr.Rajiv Sinhas Neurology Clinic where further tests were conducted under Dr Sinhas pensive frown.

 I remember how the nurse would insert the needle into my arms and pull out the red liquid from my arms. As a child I was so scared of blood that I wouldnt even mention its name. My blood pressure was checked and body weight was evaluated. Dr. Sinha said that ironically, I was fortunate to meet this condition at an early age as eventually with a growing body my cells would enlarge and curb the condition. Adults on the other hand tend to face a much more critical bodily behaviour due to this syndrome. Frequent cases of relapse in adults can cause Kidney Failure and may lead to the requirement of a transplant. Dr. Sinha said that it was a long road ahead but with the right treatment and precautions I could get better by the age of thirteen.

 My parents were not satisfied…whose would be? They couldnt bear their son ailing at such a tender age and wanted to get a second opinion so at the age of seven they took me to Clevelands Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital. My parents consulted one, Dr Meherban Singh who worked in the Neurology unit of the hospital. His team dealt with the same tests again that were done back home and in his opinion too, I could get better by the age of thirteen with proper care and restrictions in my diet. The symptoms would visit on and off  till then but at least the doctors and my parents were thankful that this disease had shown its signs at a premature stage so there was hope of an early recovery.

 I followed all precautions and diet. Maintained a healthy lifestyle but in the year 2017, at the age of ten I last endured the irritation of the symptoms of this disease. My eyes were swollen and my shin felt bloated too. I immediately realised what was happening to me and consulted the doctor. He doubled my steroids and the situation was taken under control. Dr Sinha explained that it was very crucial for me to stay alert as I do about my disease because if I ever fail to realise the recurrence of the symptoms and neglect it then this disease can affect the other organs of my body. Let me tell you about what this swelling is actually? I have been ranting about it here and there right…Well, the bodily fluids of those affected by Nephrotic Syndrome tends to get accumulated in their organs. Starts with the optical nerves, spreads throughout the legs and in severe conditions can affect the stomach, tubules of kidney, lungs etc.

 Since my last encounter with Nephrotic Syndrome, I have been enjoying a healthy body till date. I am fourteen and it’s the year 2021, I have crossed the deadline of the diagnosis done by the doctors who said I would get better with time. Its been four years that the symptoms have not haunted me. Fingers crossed, I am getting better and I just want to say to everybody that…realise your deficiencies and capacities regarding anything at the right time instead of ignoring them. We can overcome all obstacles and rule our body and mind.